Monday Night: Bathurst Burger Night

It’s Monday, AKA, the least favourite of all days. Sorry Monday… but the post weekend blues kick in, the early morning starts are back and we have to actually use our brains again. Even when I’m working on the weekends I still get that Monday morning feeling… I guess it’s the knowledge that everyone is feeling a little bleurgh and a little tired out.

This Monday decided it was going to test our patience further by raining down with biblical proportions from the moment we opened our eyes to the doom and gloom, carrying on en route to work, when we’re trying to grab some lunch and not even pausing for breath when we get back home either. Lovely August days are the best right?!


So when I got a message just as I was leaving, rather hurriedly believe it or not, to get back home saying “Pub burger tonight” well, it was like music to my ears, Christmas come early, sunshine through the clouds…

Wrapped up in coats, brollies and boots we made the 30 second trek from home to the Bathurst Arms in North Cerney, where asking for the fire to be lit, any day of the year, is not an unusual request and where we can sit and chill whilst the rain continues to hammer down outside.


There was, of course, the usual cooing over the local dogs and friendly exchanges and then we took our seats and got those burgers ordered. I went for a classic bacon burger whilst my sister opted for bacon and pineapple – we are simple souls.


It was exactly what I needed to be honest, proper meat well cooked and nothing too fancy or obscure. I even decided to treat myself to a white chocolate sphere for pudding because… why not?! I love food!



If you’re ever in the Cotswolds/ North Cerney/ Cirencester area I do recommend a visit here because, to me, it perfectly sums up the idea of a country pub.


Here’s the website if anyone is interested in checking it out:


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