Painting Pots on a Saturday Morning in the Cotswolds…. What Could be Better?!

It was a Friday, early evening, and I was sat having a drink with my sister (it was tea so clearly we were having a quiet one…) and we were trying to think of something to do the following morning. We’ve exhausted all the coffee shops in the area and were looking for something a bit different. Then it came to us (well, to her, but I can try and take the credit) Pick a Pot and Paint. When she, as the youngest of the siblings, was growing up painting pot parties were seemingly just becoming popular and I even went to a few with her and her friends as the uncool, tag-along older sister who just wanted free party food and something to do. Obviously the fairies and other girly ornaments covered in pink, pink and more pink that were the products of choice back in the day weren’t what we were thinking of, but a plan had come together and so the next day we went to Black Jack Street, arguably the loveliest of Cirencester’s streets, and turned down a short alley to find Pick a Pot and Paint.

Pick a Pot and Paint

It was one of the rare mornings when the sun had actually made an appearance and it was almost hot. Almost…. We had dragged along our mother who chose a milk jug, and my sister chose a butter dish and oil drizzler (clearly I’m unsure of the technical name, for which I’m sorry) and I couldn’t decide. I took forever. It really wasn’t funny and I whole heartedly apologise now to the poor, lovely lady with excellent patience who stood waiting for me to make my mind up over a bit of pottery. I still maintain that it was a very big decision and big decisions shouldn’t be rushed. Anyway…. I chose my vase (yep, after all that I chose a simple vase. I don’t even buy flowers that much) and we were shown to the upstairs studio which was nice and empty so we could let our creative juices flow in peace.







This is completely, utterly, 100%, absolutely, categorically for adults just as much as it is for children. We had a great a morning and the results were pretty good if I may say so myself… and infinitely cheaper than some of the leading brands in patterned and painted crockery. I’m sure you all know who I mean.

The finished result……….

IMG_3590                 IMG_3591

Taadaah! One highland cow vase looking all professional!

Choosing a design was very hard, PLAN AHEAD! I already have a few ideas I want to go back and try. Plates, mugs, tractor money box… you name it.

There’s quite a few different companies in different places for you to have a go too, if you Google it. The Cirencester branch of Pick a Pot and Paint had a really nice atmosphere with friendly service and idyllic surroundings, so I may only be able to vouch for this one but vouch for it I certainly do.




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