Game On…

Game is finally getting the recognition it deserves, it seems. It made it onto the Great British Bake Off (the mother of all baking ‘trendsetters’ apparently), famous TV chefs are all over it (Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is basically an ambassador for game consumption) and now you can even find it in the crisp aisle too…

It’s a big fat ‘I told you so’ from country types all over, but I think that whatever the catalyst for this revelation in our lifestyle trends , it should be encouraged and celebrated.

With an increase for game in consumer, in support and in income we can give back to the countryside that bit more. We can keep traditions alive and hopefully promote conservation and livelihoods.

Let’s start with the snacks. Why? Because we love ’em. Crisps date back to 1822, it is believed, thanks to an English food writer who had a cookbook called The Cook’s Oracle. In this book there was a recipe for “Potatoes fried in Slices or Shavings” and now it’s time for them to get back into the limelight. Something good has happened in the world of savory snacks. Someone has finally had the brains to produce some PROPER crisps (Sorry Walkers). Enter Smoked Pheasant and Wild Mushroom and Grouse and Whinberry, and here’s their story….

The two flavours were introduced on 31st July at the CLA Game Fair (RIP to that, by the way…) by BASC and Taste of Game, which is a website I’m sure (I’m hoping…) everyone is already aware of. If not I’ve put the link at the bottom because I find the recipes really useful, it’s especially good if you don’t cook with game much and need a little extra help (no one needs to know…).




Of course if they didn’t actually taste any good then this would all be redundant. As it is, and I don’t mind admitting this, it was after eating a packet that I decided on this piece/ rant. It felt so nice to be able to finally have something that represented and supported my country roots, my beliefs and my views in…er, well, a packet of crisps. What a great way to get people involved in trying game than to start them off here.

I’d like to say that a tactic isn’t even needed and that we live in a generation where people are willing to try more, particularly if it’s British, but sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case. With more and more people becoming vegetarians and vegans (evidently it’s ‘trendy’ in some social circles…) and becoming more and more opinionated with their views on meat and animal welfare, there’s such varied diets that mealtimes just aren’t what they used to be. Let’s not forget time as well, working mothers and career driven individuals and a lifestyle lived in haste and ease, people just aren’t as adventurous as they once were in some cases.

Snacks, however, are forever being consumed in every inch of the UK. Over 6 billion packets of crisps are sold per day and now these clever clogs are utilising our nation’s passion to promote something good: hearty, decent mealtime flavours. Can you tell I’m impressed?

OK, flip the coin and we have the increasing obesity and poor health debate. But let’s not be flippant, it’s a packet of crisps and they’re comparatively better for you than a lot of others. Maybe instead of just eating the traditional flavoured crisps we can get people out there enjoying the traditional sports to go with it.


Unfortunately the Taste of Game crisps didn’t make it into The Field July 2015 ‘The Great British Bar Snack’ but I’ve been told that I really need to try out the recommendations they do make.



Now, to avoid sounding too much like a crisps advertisement I’m going to leave you with the hunger for some proper flavour.



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