The Ode to the Regina

For a long time now I’ve had to put up with seeing countless photos being posted of that long white box, open, with tissue paper and a pair of gorgeous, tall boots strategically cascading out, signature tassel hanging elegantly along the sides. Posted by girlfriends showing off gifts from their thoughtful (or well hinted at) boyfriends. Every time, I sigh, and open a new tab, typing in those three words…. Fairfax and Favor. 

These boots are my dream boots. Yes they may be becoming increasingly more common but it’s for a good reason. They. Are. Beautiful. And at that price very good quality. They’re fitted and flattering to so many shapes and sizes. They’re smart and sophisticated and they deserve a place in my heart and my wardrobe.

These boots, well, they really are made for walking. Through the town on a Saturday morning coffee and shopping trip, a ladies lunch, down the aisles of Tesco, Lidl or Waitrose, to hit a bar or pub for a quiet drink. Yep, I would wear them everywhere. Strutting my non-existent catwalk sway.

Fairfax and Favor was only founded in 2013 so it’s still a baby brand, which makes their huge success even more impressive. It involves two childhood friends and most importantly to a lot of people, it’s British. The two guys, Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, are just 24 and this could have a lot to do with the success of the company to be honest. Their website states this:

‘Their goal is simple – to make their brand of affordable luxury footwear fun to experience in every way. And they have built their business on that basis, by attending country shows across the UK where customers chat with the two founders and try on their footwear, all while sipping a perfectly mixed G&T or a glass of champagne.’

The pair even chose people from social media that were spotted rocking their footwear for their modelling campaign, this fresh approach to a company seems to really be making an impact on the young country girls around me, and all over the social network sites, so I applaud them for their well deserved success.

What do I do now then? I’ve written my ode to the Reginas and I think that’s justification enough to now order myself a pair and join the crowds of ladies getting their tassels out. Smug pictures to follow….







Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.


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