The Most Cheesiest of Scones Around

I have a recipe I always go to when I want something quick, warm and savory. Sometimes it’s for when people come round, sometimes it’s for lunch, or sometimes even as a side dish. But when I do make them, I just can’t resist. I lose all self restraint. I eat far more than one person ever should in one sitting…

Ahhh cheese scones, I now have the urge to make them this very minute just from writing that. So easy, so so easy and the ingredients are all bits and bobs I always have in the house – a dangerous combination I hasten to add. But they’re just. So. Damn. Good.

I’ll share with you the recipe, so that I can share the gluttony and over indulgence, share the guilt, and share the scone-belly that follows.

This time I ate mine with spiced butternut squash soup, I usually roughly follow a recipe for the soup by Lorraine Pascale, but apparently this is also a cracker:

Set your oven to around 200/220C. Put 225g self-raising flour in a mixing bowl with a large pinch of salt.Use your fingers to rub in 50g of butter with the flout to make it go breadcrumb-y (technical baking term).

Now add in between 50g and 70g of cheese (cheddar or mixed). Mmmm cheese.

Now add in around 100ml milk and stir it allllll up to make a smooth texture. You should be able to knead this a bit to make a dough.

Shape using a cutter of your choice and place apart on grease-proof baking paper on a baking tray. I usually glaze with beaten egg, however if I’m running low or in a mad rush I just use milk.

Cook for 10-12 mins and then let that wonderful smell waft through your house, to tempt even the most tedious of taste buds. Oh and, er, clean the mess…

OK, I’m probably off to make another batch now…


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