Those few days when we had sunshine..!

Oh what a glorious feeling: the sun so bright you have to squint to avoid walking into fence posts and walls, so warm you regret those extra layers thrown on at the last minute as the clamminess starts to seep, and so intoxicatingly, fantastically mood enhancing!

I always consider myself as someone who thrives in the autumnal transition with the cool breezes and crisp leaves underfoot; but every spring those musty cobwebs I didn’t even know existed get blown away and I get a stupendous feeling of freedom and joy, and I remember how much I also love those spring and summer months.

Usually the sun shows her face just long enough for me to get all excited and happy, making a bee line for the brightly coloured attire I suddenly think I can pull off, before then heading back between the clouds to hide away for another few months. Sigh.

The brief few days of summer-esque temperatures we’ve had have certainly roused the readiness for longer, lighter evenings spent walking around fields and inexplicably finding oneself at the pub… Accidentally?! For long dog walks that end up river bound (supposedly just the dog…).  For getting up at the crack of dawn because it’s too luscious to stay in bed and waste the day. For Pimms and Old Mout Cider. For BBQ champions to reign.

Well, anyway, you get the gist… Expect more posts on Summer Lovin’ to come.



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