It’s the small things in life…

The past couple of days have been undeniably glorious for me. June has exposed herself, a few days late, and we’ve been basking in heat. Days like these really do make me count my blessings. Some love their summers in the city, with the parks and the hustle and bustle, but for me, there is simply nothing better than summer in the countryside and so the first thing I am grateful for is just that: enjoying the sun from a country cottage garden, or at a pub with outdoor areas, or simply in the fields surrounding me.

Sunday kicked off this frenzy inducing heatwave and I lapped up the fact that finally a day off and decent weather decided to coincide! My partner still had to work first thing in the morning, but this is another thing for which I am grateful (not that he had to work… bear with me!). He is a game keeper and a game farmer, and so whilst he was sweating away in sheds and pens, changing gas, checking heaters and drinkers, I was free to play with the dog and enjoy the backdrop to his rearing field. I’m fairly certain he would much rather not have worked, but it was nice to be able to enjoy that extra time together in the sunshine.

It was a breakfast of luxury: he had Lucazade and a sausage roll, and I had a coffee and a croissant (they say opposites attract). He was wondering around with multiple tools whilst I was kicking myself for leaving the house wearing the first things I could find, unaware of the work and the heat, and stranding myself in my Fairfax and Favor Reginas and (now) coffee stained Joules Harbour top. Not exactly work appropriate and not at all summer appropriate but I was still thankful nonetheless.

It’s the little things that we sometimes forget, that can be the most lovely, or most enjoyable.


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