An Honest Bake: Lemon Drizzle Cake

It seems to be the case these days that we’re so encouraged to follow trends and fads, and the people who are famous for endorsing those said trends and fads. This is true even within the food we make and the dinners we eat. Are you eating raw? Are you on a gluten-free? Are you following such-and-such a ‘plan’ (it’s never a diet, of course)?

Well, no actually. I’m not. I’m more of the eat-what-you-want-but-have-a-balance ilk, and the ‘balance’ side of things can often be a grey area. Brownies for breakfast don’t count?! Ah. OK. I’m also not one to follow these trends and fads, I guess that means I’m not a ‘foodie’? Oh well.

One of my most loved and most successful bakes is one that comes from an inconspicuous recipe book that isn’t celebrity endorsed or claiming to improve my lifestyle, it’s simply a book of recipes for afternoon tea. Boy, do I love afternoon tea.

Anyway, within this book is a recipe for lemon drizzle cake. I am a big fan of the drizzle, it’s my go-to summer bake. This one has a more Madeira cake texture, rather than the soft sponginess of a Victoria but it’s still incredibly light and refreshing with this wonderful, almost crispy citrus coating. It is, basically, the perfect cake for the warmer climes (remember that big yellow burning ball in the sky? It comes out sometimes) because it’s not too sickly and sticky and it doesn’t make you feel as guilty when you accidentally eat half in one sitting. I mean, lemons are fruit don’t forget!


The other day I ignored the doom and gloom of an impending storm, turned that oven to 170 and got my bake on.




So why is this an ‘honest bake’, as the title suggests? Well, as I said earlier, this is one of my most successful bakes. Until now. The curse of wanting to show it off? Did I speak too soon? Who knows, but baking doesn’t always go to plan… Did I perhaps not put enough elbow into my greasing, or was I distracted (probably singing along to the radio)? As I went to decant my cake the most devastating thing happened, half came out whilst the rest stuck mercilessly to the bundt tin I baked it in. Tragedy.

This happens though, and instead of having a tantrum or daring to start again (it’s a lengthy one!) I just decided to roll with it and show you honest idea of how it ended up. I chopped the bits I did have into little circles as neatly as I could and shoved them in a tin with some kitchen roll in. End of.

And you know what? It still tasted delicious.


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