Country Walks: North Cerney

I love walks in the countryside. There’s something so exhilarating about throwing yourself out there, among nature. The luxurious, bright colours of the trees, hedgerows and wild flowers. The hums and hoots, scurries and calls of wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s a recipe for a healthy soul and a clearer mind.

It’s my aim show you (show off, more like) some of the country walks I’m fortunate enough to experience.

It seems logical to begin this journey with a walk that is near enough on my very doorstep, a ramble I get to lose myself on every day, and lose my dogs on too, for that matter. This can be found in the stunning, discrete village of North Cerney just under four miles from Cirencester, the capital of the Cotswolds.

I should first of all mention there is a pub also in this village, which may sway your views, after all… it’s important to keep hydrated when exercising those legs and lungs! (You can read a bit about that pub here).

Located up a track just along from the village hall, this is a popular dog walking spot for locals and you’ll often catch a bird of prey or two circling over head. Tress stand lonesome on the banks, enjoying the views downhill. You can see fields and farmland at it’s finest for miles around, but words don’t do it justice, so I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

(Please note, this is farmland. Cows and sheep do occupy this field at times.)





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