The Country Girl’s Kit

A colleague recently told me that his friend’s girlfriend gets up three hours before work to ensure her make up is perfect before she leaves the house. Needless to say my mouth had to be picked up from the floor after dropping with shock… oh to have three hours spare in a day to spend on something as frivolous as make up, but also: why?! I am by no means slamming those who have a genuine passion for beauty, this just seemed a little… excessive. This same girl would not be seen dead without lippie on, and more often than not would sleep in that mask of products when he stayed over so her natural face could remain a secret. That’s not mysterious and alluring, that’s just unhygienic!
Now us country girls can’t really do that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’m not alone in relishing the opportunity to make more of an effort, wear clean clothes, mascara and perhaps even try to tame my mane, but most of us just couldn’t do it (three hours!) When it comes to everyday, the majority of us are a bit more… simplified.

So here is something a bit different for you today, I have chucked my bits’n’bobs bag open on the floor and (literally) let everything sprinkle out so I could show you what was in my everyday kit bag. (Spoiler: you won’t find a make up brush here.)


Let’s begin…


First of all we have the miracle product. This tube of joy can take me from looking like I haven’t slept in a week to looking almost alive. I am as pasty as they come (sorry Mum, I meant porcelain, or English Rose!) which is also quite dry, so my skin does need a bit of a pick me up and this takes seconds to put on in the morning.

You can find the range here.


The second thing from my bag of tricks is, to be honest, another miracle product sent down from above. When I work outside and help the other half out on the game farm or shoot, then my hands decide that I’m having too much fun. To punish me they dry up like a seriously old prune, and pretty much look like one, too. This stuff makes them look and feel like a 26 year old’s should do again. There’s more in the Norwegian Formula range here!


Now these little things might not look exciting in anyway, and more than likely remind you of primary school days when your mum used to clip your fringe out of your eyes. But I need them. Still to clip my hair out of eyes… Some things never change for me and my thick and curly locks. Find some yourself here.


Same situation as the hands really, minus the prune imagery, just dry dry dry. Also, I really love Burt’s Bees. There’s something so quaint and idyllic about honey and big bumbling bees in our countryside. My dog also has a love for Burt’s Bees so this stays tucked away.

Choose your Burt’s Bees of choice here.


Wipes: Need I say more? Mud. Gets. Everywhere. In between every finger and in every pore. If you’re going from field to socialising then sometimes a quick clean is needed.


The pocket knife shouldn’t need explaining, I mean, doesn’t everyone have one in some form or another?! This one isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed – pun intended – but it is sentimental because it belonged to my Grandad.

Shooting Times, is of course, essential to procrastination needs all over the UK.


Last but not least, I like to chuck it all in a bag that can sit neatly in my car ready for when my time of need occurs. This one is called a bikini bag (no, I didn’t know that was a thing either) from Crew Clothing.

Take a look at the different colours here.




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