A very British addiction: the humble cup of tea

It’s been a VERY busy few weeks, and quite frankly, a very stressful few weeks, too. When I think back over that time there’s one thing that crops up regularly in my memory. One thing that got me through the long days – would I even be where I am today without its unconditional aid?!

Melodramatic, maybe. But I do have a very British addiction, an addiction to tea. And a whole lot of it.

You’re spoiled for choice for brands and varieties, it comes in all different flavours and purposes, we all take it in personal ways (including the weird and wonderful), it has a rich and fruitful history and it’s even referenced by literary giants spanning over centuries.

Ahh the cuppa, where would we Brits be without it? I hang my head in shame to admit that I doubt I drink five glasses of water a day, but to drink five cups of tea? Amateur!

I am a big coffee lover too, however there is something about a cup of tea (milk and the teeniest bit of sugar, FYI) that makes me relax a bit. Take a step back. Breath. And that is not an easy thing to achieve at the moment.

So here is my ode, my dedication, my declaration of undying love…






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