A Monday Moaning


There are times when I am proud and pleased to live in the generation and the society that I’m part of, I see women being taken seriously in roles that had once been only for the men, such as farming, game keeping, politics, certain sports… I feel like I can be anybody I want to be regardless of my background, my family, my hometown, my friendship group, my academic achievements. The internet is rife with pretty quote graphics telling us just this, and yet…

Yet there is so much negativity following us around sometimes. Prejudice and arrogance and belittling, and possibly most commonly: jealousy.

This can be said about so many different aspects of people’s lives, and I know I’ve heard it before and I’m sure most have on some level. Some examples….

You’re not a farmer therefore… No, correct, I am not a farmer and nor are my parents or grandparents. But I live in the countryside, the biggest working factory of all. so it’s not hard to see why I take an interest in agricultural matters. Agriculture is pivotal to all our lives, and you don’t need to be spending every day talking dairy to want to be a part of it.

If you don’t shoot game, do you even shoot..? I’m not rolling in it, and I can’t afford to pack my tweeds and go gallivanting off around our wonderful countryside for shoot days several times a year. But boy do I enjoy the sport, and that’s the main thing isn’t? Not how often you go, or where, but how much you enjoy it and the fact that you’re part of promoting the rise in female shooting in the first place. If I hit 10 clays or 100, as long as I’ve enjoyed having the gun in my hands that is all that matters to me.

You don’t write about expensive luxury products, so are you really a country lifestyle blogger? This is a time when there are genuine grown men obsessing over My Little Pony online, I think we are now at the stage in technology where we can write about what we want and that be OK. No, I don’t use money to buy expensive things that I then write about, that doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, because one day those expensive items are going to grow thin, and then what? I write selfishly, first and foremost, and it kinda works right now!

You only have a few hundred Instagram followers?! Ah social media, the bittersweet relationship that we have. I, personally, really like social media. Hours could be spent on Instagram, it’s such a good forum for discovering people like yourself. However, obviously, there are downfalls too. Why do some people seem to judge others by their social media popularity? Baffling… You can’t grasp a real life based on a few tiny squares stacked neatly on your screen.

The list goes on, and it’ll be different for everybody. But the important message is this: be who YOU want to be, do what YOU want to do to get there. Take pride in your passions, and have faith in your person. Mainly… just keep on going…



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