A view from the passenger side…

The delicate autumnal plumes of the cock birds are beginning to make the change to vivid blue and red with that white band of the pheasants that we consider to be synonymous with the British countryside.

I’ve been really enjoying my little excursions on the shooting estate recently, as the seasons begin their swap and my favourite time of year approaches. Mowing through the grass and crops, feeding the birds, checking the drives…

It’s still luscious green outside, but there’s been a low and lingering mist, almost archaic in the way it’s been creeping in, it almost blanketed us on the first hunt of the season last week. I loved it.


That autumnal breeze, fresh and exciting, inviting us to put on extra layers, next step… jumpers!

The birds are now all on the shoot ready for the season to begin for us, and the rearing field is eerily empty. The small, rounded feathered friends are happily chasing the swarms of crane flies that are currently infesting our countryside right now.

The dogs are in their element, too. Dogging-in through the dewy grass, tails wagging, tongues lolling and fur glistening.

The view from the passenger side of the shoot buggy is a pretty damn good one right now.


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