5 Ways With… Pheasant

Your freezers are probably now bursting at the seams with drawer upon drawer of your quarry from the season. Now is the time to make the most of that by showing off your skills and cooking up a storm with food you can be proud to eat, game that you and your friends and family, have brought to the table.

So here is five ways with pheasant to help inspire you (and help use up the bountiful supplies)..!


1 – Pheasant Curry

We all love a curry, so this makes perfect sense. It tastes amazing and is definitely cheaper than a take away!

River Cottage have the best recipe for game curry I can recommend! See it here.

2 – Nuggets

SO, SO easy. Like, seriously, it took me more effort to type all that than it would to make it. Chop up the breasts into sizes of your choice, dip into mayonnaise (I like to use garlic mayo) and then dip into a bowl of crushed Kice Krispies (sounds odd I know, but trust me) and bake in the oven for around 15/20 minutes at about 200 depending on how you like them cooked. Done! This works nicely with a mix of both pheasant and partridge, it’s also perfect for encouraging reluctant game eaters.

3 – The classic roast

People like to do their roasts differently, my choice would be to wrap the bird in bacon to add some fatty moisture and cook it for around 45 mins/ one hour. Serve with the usual potatoes, seasonal veg and copious amounts of gravy.

The Field have a good recipe here.

4 – BBQ rolls

Another easy one: cook the whole bird for around forty-five minutes on a medium heat, then pull at the bird with a fork, just as if you were doing pulled pork. Place the pulled pheasant into a bowl and mix in BBQ sauce. Stack in a fresh bread roll and there you go.

5 – Fried

Add some oil to a frying pan on a medium heat. Coat pheasant breasts in a mix of Worcestershire sauce and honey and fry, they won’t take long so keep a careful eye on whats going on!


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