Snowy (ish) Sundays

It’s not exactly inches deep out there, but a little smattering of snow really does lift my mood. I am such a child when it comes to those cold, wet, tiny white flecks falling from the sky.

There’s something so picturesque about stepping outside and seeing the effects of snow, it creates a strange kind of calm on village life (possibly this would not be the case if it was thick enough for snowball fights and tobogganing).

I felt absolutely no guilt about starting my day with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other…!


I did eventually get out and about and did so in my adorable Malcolm and Gerald jumper. It’s so lovely to receive gifts that have meaning, gifts that have thought, gifts that are personal… or just gifts in general if I’m totally honest.

This one is slouchy enough to be my comfortable sofa jumper, but not so slouchy I can’t wear it out and acceptably be seen by strangers in! It’s the little slogan on the back that says ‘Gamekeeper’s Wifey’ that adds such a cute touch! Let’s hope the boyfriend realises it was given in a tongue-and-cheek, jokey way and wasn’t a glaringly obvious hint at a proposal by me..! I teamed it with boots and a hat to complete the minimal effort, keeping cosy theme.

In all seriousness though, I did have a little browse and you can get anything put on loads of different products so I’ve been given a few gift ideas in return now, definitely worth checking out if you’re ever stuck in a rut for something a bit different.


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