5 ways with… Nuxe Paris

Something a little different for you today (variety is the spice of life and all that). However, something very important. I have recently discovered a product that I can’t rave about enough at the moment and something I think every country girl needs to have in her beauty collection, however big or small that may be.

Nuxe Paris Huile Prodigieuse (prodigious oil apparently, thanks Google) is a multi purpose dry oil but for me and my skin it is just referred to as a miracle. A 50ml bottle costs £17 which at first I scoffed at, but actually mine has lasted me a couple of months and has barely gone down – so don’t let the price tag put you off if you’re not one to spend money on beauty products!

I suffer with my skin, it gets really dry really easily. Central heating, the wood burner, being outside in the cold, being outside in the heat…. but I also have sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I use. That’s why I want to share this little gem with you, because I understand how shout-it-from-the-rooftops amazing it is when you find something that actually works for you.

I use it in a variety of ways, so I’ve decided to do a ‘five ways with…’ feature to show off what those uses are!


Mix it with your foundation when your going out, or just want to feel a bit more… glam? opulent?  feminine? Well whatever the word I’m looking for is… just put your foundation on the back of your hand and add a SMALL drop of the oil (you can add more but can never take away!) It really doesn’t take much but mix it in and apply as normal. It makes your foundation glide over your skin so smoothly and effortlessly and there’s no build up or cakiness. It also adds a bit of moisture if your dry skin causes foundation flakiness throughout the day. Also it smells so nice you instantly feel good.

Use it as an over night treatment. You won’t need too much, so start of with a small amount and gently coat your face and massage in before bed to really nourish your skin ready to baby-bottom smoothness when you wake up. It is an oil so may make your pillow case greasy!

Put it on your hands and feet, those rough bits that take the beating the most. When I help the other half outside I can get pretty rough hands so I add it to those bits to help soften up the skin.

Emergency fragrance. I was caught short going from shopping to the pub, I had my make up but no perfume and felt a bit gross so dabbed it on my inner wrists and neck because it smells so luxurious!

Use it as a hair oil, best left overnight on the ends (a whole head might be a bit extravagant and wasteful!) and then wash off as normal for really silky hair.

So there you go, something slightly different but I just couldn’t not share!

Check it out here.



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