The anti-banker-breaker campaign

I am normally a great fan of reading and supporting online blogs and websites, especially country based ones because these will usually cater for common interests and ways of life. However recently I have noticed that promotion and encouragement to fork out large amounts of money on the same types of products are being thrust into our faces left, right and centre and I can’t help but wonder… is this really tangible for the everyday country person?

Don’t get me wrong, I have a pair of expensive boots, and more than one pricey coat hanging up, I have a good brand of wellies and I like to shop (like, I really like to shop) but I don’t just don’t see how encouraging an outfit of nearly, if not over, four figures in cost altogether is appealing to the masses for everyday life.

You don’t have to spend a lot to treat yourself and I am on an anti-bank-breaker campaign to prove to myself that this is the case…

I am born and bred in the quint Cotswold town of Cirencester where rent can cost a small fortune and car park prices aren’t far off that either, but I have managed to take myself on a mini shopping spree… on a budget.


I picked up these candles from the local Waitrose store, I know it’s hardly Tesco Value but on offer the pair came to £10.50 (£4.50 for the green and £6.00 for the floral) I’m a sucker for floral, and purple and green match my kitchen colour palette nicely, I couldn’t resist.

Candle addict…


Whilst I was there I also picked up this Heritage Collection white jasmine and peony body butter on offer for only £2.33. I suffer from dry skin so can often get through body butters annoyingly quickly, but I still want nicely scented creams that make me feel a little luxurious when I put them on.

Pretty packaging doesn’t hurt


Instead of having a coffee out I took these Clipper jasmine green tea bags home for just £1, to put my feet up and catch up with the blogs and websites we’re lucky enough to have at our fingertips now.


This blue 100% wool scarf with incredibly cute little fluff balls (technical term of course there) on the trim was £27.50 from Elizabeth James, an independent local company based in the always-worth-a-visit Corn Hall, I got the faux suede bag from a treasure trove of a shop next door called Witches Knickers, also local, and at only £18 I since went back and got another colour. Oops. The cream leather tassel cost me £5 from eBay and they look made for each other.

Always a sucker for fluffiness
The impossible-to-photograph bag


I’ve managed to treat myself, feel indulged, show support for local business and I barely break £60 on shopping, a success for my first anti-bank-breaker I feel (just don’t mention the car park costs..!)



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