Rainy day solutions

As much as I’ve tried to avoid it, this post really does need to come with a bit of a *cringe* warning because it definitely sounds more like a advertisement than I would have liked, but I thought I’d share this recommendation with you anyway just in time for country show season to begin…

From walking the dog to a day out with the gun to working on the shoot or farm, quality really is everything in country clothing.

I’ve struggled before with wanting items that are going to do the job and last a long time doing it, but also to look good. This isn’t so hard, in fact it can be quite easy – if you’ve got vast amounts of money to do it with (in my dreams perhaps…).

Realistically we can’t always spend a fortune, and I just wouldn’t be able to justify the price tags of some of the popular brands out there. Does that mean I have to make compromises?!

In the past this has been the case for me, I bought a cheap shooting coat a few seasons ago that didn’t live up to the waterproof label it came with, and the elastic waistband threading came apart after only one or two wears. The company offered to replace it easily enough but I just didn’t have the trust in the item anymore, and I was probably in a bit of a huff at getting soaked!

I’ve been a fan of Seeland for a while now, and my waterproof trousers from there are something I would definitely recommend! Last year, though, I found another brand that has really proven worth it’s salt over the past season.

I bought a Baleno waterproof coat from the Bredon Hill stall at the Cotwsold Show in July, I hadn’t come across the brand much myself but had seen it online, and I really needed a new coat, being the impatient shopaholic I am, I wanted one then and there. In July. Yep, I have a problem and no I’m not even attempting to work on it.


The fit was really flattering with a pull in waist so the coat didn’t swamp my petite frame, it had all the pockets and loops and gadgets and gizmos you want from a waterproof shooting coat and the best thing? It was only around £165, considerably cheaper than others by popular country brands. I chose a navy colour with brown trimmings, it felt a bit different to my usual browns and greens. OK, not that different but let’s be honest even navy can pretty daring when on the beater’s line.

Clearly not impressed with the weather…
Ahh, a little happier…

This coat saw me right through the season and coped well with all weather conditions, wahay! So since then I also acquired the Sally fleece gilet. It’s shorter and a bit more fitted than my Schoffel gilet (which I do love), but it was also a really good buy, too and at only around £49 I didn’t have to justify it to myself too much!

Prices do seem to vary to what I paid but it’s refreshing to see more manageable price points for this kind of clothing, it’s reaching out to a wider audience and helping shake off that ‘toff’ image some people associate with brands (we’ve all heard ‘all the gear, no idea’ muttered under someone’s breath I’m sure!) The show circuit is just getting under way so it seemed like a good time to share my thoughts with you all, Baleno is bound to be featured at most of them!

I’m going to end this now because I am really starting to sound cringe and far too much promotion-esque for my liking. Is there a way to recommend something without sounding like that?!


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