Name change, game change

Changing the name, and therefore changing a blog, is a big deal. It’s not an easy decision by any means. The name is often one of the first things you see about about a blog and can give off preconceptions and insinuations for what your blog is all about, and therefore what you are all about.

I have taken that step and changed the name of this blog and the social media attached to it. It was horrible, and feels a little like a best friend moving away, or a losing a beloved possession.

‘Say it with mud’ has been with me for nearly two years which is quite incredible, and when it first started it was quite unique in the concept of being a country lifestyle blog, there really wasn’t a lot that was very similar around. Whilst the content and concept is still quite different from the country blogs around now I feel like I lost direction a bit.

I wasn’t putting my writing out there, I wasn’t posting as much and I was missing that. The joy of good quality writing was just as much a lure as sharing and discussing my interests.

‘Say it with mud’ was good, it was an original name that I came up with myself and got me into the world of blogs. But it is quite ambiguous, vague and disconnected from anything in particular. You read the title and you don’t get a lot, there’s not as much personality as there is when you see blogs with people’s names at the forefront.

The very connotations of the word ‘mud’ are the outdoors and I was posting things about fieldsports, agriculture, gamekeeping etc. which are interests in my life but I am so much more than just that. I am a country girl who loves fieldsports, yes, but also art, books, fashion, history, food and so much more and I wanted my blog to reflect this, and be more personal.

This is why I have decided to change the title of my blog to ‘That Country Mouse’. It’s more singular, which can make it more intimate and personal to me and also more open to all aspects of my life.

I still have the same core aspirations for the blog: I’m not going to try and flog you expensive clothes and accessories, I won’t be a clone to a stereo typical image thrust upon us country girls, I’m not going to be a blatant extended advert…

Perhaps not having a specific niche is a big faux pas in the blogging world. Perhaps I should be finding something to be known for, but whilst I am enjoying bringing you bits and bobs of everything, and I continue getting the views I’m getting then I’ll just keep it up and see what happens..!


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