Less is more with summer make up

As I’m getting older (not old, just older, take note) my approach to beauty and make up is definitely evolving and I really have learnt that you don’t need the whole shebang on a daily basis, but also that it’s about using the right products. This can sometimes mean that actually, there are times when I use a lot of products, but I understand each one better and I’m using them correctly and sometimes I only need a simple few.

For summer it really is a ‘less is more’ attitude for me. It feels suffocating to coat your face with thick, matte, full coverage foundation and then a layer of powders… besides, it’ll probably end up sliding off anyway! I also like to give my freckles their time to shine (metaphorically, because shiny faces are still not OK), I don’t tan so I’ll take all the help I can get when it comes to looking sunkissed and freckles can naturally help me there.

So, with this in mind I have recently stopped using foundation. I’ve read and ignored countless beauty advice pages in magazines telling me to do just this in the past, I was always so adamant that I needed the stuff, turns out I really don’t!

But, alas, I do suffer from dry skin and this proved problematic when trying to use concealer on bare skin, which could often appear flakey and just stand out and look unblended and unnatural. With this in mind I found myself scaling the make up aisles in Boots looking for something that wouldn’t coat my face but would make a nice base and also keep my face hydrated. I looked at loads of BB and CC creams but even some of those looked a bit too thick for what I was after.

In the end I decided to try out some products from Rimmel’s new #Insta range. I chose the #Insta Flawless which is a really lightweight skin tint, the #Insta Fix & go because it’s a setting spray and a primer so would be useful for the days when I do want to wear more and also to stop my make up sliding off my face in the heat (we should be so lucky) and then, because it was three for two after all, I decided to try the #Insta Conceal and correct pallette of colour corrector creams, something which is apparently not a gimmick at all and is genuine science!.

The #Insta flawless is exactly what I was after. It isn’t too thick but feel hydrating. It also provides a nice healthy glow so I don’t look as ghostly,  but my face can breath and my freckles can come out to play.  I’ve since taken to mixing a drop of my foundation with a drop of this on the days when I want more because I can get that glow with a little more coverage.

#Insta Fix and go is really quick and easy. It doesn’t feel the same as using an actual primer, and it doesn’t have that same blurry mattifying effect but I guess, in the interests of ‘less is more’ and keeping my face free, that is better but I’d possibly want a bit more if I was glamming up for a night out or something. As for being a make up setting spray, I still have no idea if that’s even possible or not but it has a nice smell and it refreshes your make up and face if you spray it on during the day/ evening so is really good if I don’t have time to add more make up between work and pub, for example.

Th #Insta Coneal & correct was surprisingly successful, it turns out colour correction is an actual thing and my dark under eye circles were genuinely better. I felt this blended in more than concealer does, too. The other two creams (green for redness and purple for dullness) I’m still testing out, because to be honest my skin doesn’t suffer from redness and I’m not entirely sure what ‘dullness’ actually refers too… I apply these according to the picture on the back on the packaging though, just in case! My main piece of advice here is use sparingly, I was a little generous when applying the green to my chin and it was more colour change then colour correct!


What else in in my summer ready make up bag?

No7 Skin Illuminater – a tiny amount patted onto cheek bones and brow bones really does light up your face, one for summer evenings.

No7 Blusher in ‘Peach velvet’ – I used No7’s colour match service (I’m the palest, shocker) because theirs is the only foundation I now wear so I can now check what shades of blusher I should be wearing. This one has enough colour to make me look healthy but is still subtle enough to blend.

Bourjois 24H Eye primer – I remember when I used to think eyeshadow primer was just another gimmick, I also remember when my eyeshadow used to crease up and sweat off. It turns out some things you don’t even realise you cam’t live without and this is one of them… This stuff is a nice base colourwise but it also means whatever you put on your lids actually stays there, even in the sun.

Revlon ‘Volume + length’ mascara – I am a massive fan of Revlon’s range of mascaras and this one is perfect for me because I want both volume and length but I hate clumpiness, or bulky lashes.


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