Round to Ours? Oh how I wish..!

There comes a time when ‘#goals’ ceases to become an annoying yet catchy caption and is actually a reality. 

It turns out there is a pair of ladies who sum up ‘goals’ on so many different levels… Style, lifestyle, hair and most importantly their friendship.

Alice Levine and Laura Jackson have had their Jackson and Levine Supper Club for a while now, but recently they have turned from people I know a little about to people I am obsessing over. Here’s why…

They have just released their own cookbook called ‘Round to Ours’. They love food and they love sharing the experience of it with friends. Dinner parties are not the stuffy, archaic affairs they used to be and I’d choose friends and food over a night clubbing now anyday. 

They’re chocka block full of girl power. Two young ladies building a respectable empire fueled by their originality and likeability. To me that is modern day empowerment for us womanfolk. 

They are just the epitome of cool. Quirky, original, independent, arty, fun… This is what fashion is all about and they can do no wrong. Can they pull anything off?! It certainly my seems so. 

They have a collaboration with Habitat, so being interior obsessed in your twenties has become officially acceptable. Think amazing prints and Instagram-worthy design. 

They seem so genuine and… Nice. Is it just me or is niceness a bit underrated these days, almost frowned upon it seems? If the rise in well-known bloggers can do anything for us, hopefully it’s help boost the idea that you don’t have to completely evil to get ahead. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to channel Nashville’s Juliet Barnes circa season one as much as the next person but these two ladies just make you want to be their friend. You can’t help but become immensely jealous of their bff status. I defy anyone who’s heard Alice’s Radio 1 show to not agree!

Here’s my choices for when Alice and Laura have cemented their status as #absoloutegoals (yes I cringed when I wrote that).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find the Jackson to my Levine… ​


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