Beauty on a budget: Boots Botanics

I remember my friend once telling me that she didn’t cleanse her skin, and rarely mousterised. I was gobsmacked. I honestly couldn’t understand it, it takes less than a minute to slather it on! To me, skincare and haircare are akin to cleaning my teeth and eating three meals a day. It’s a necessity and it’s non-negotiable.

I don’t even remember when I first started my skincare routine, so I must have been relatively young. My mother is one for her beauty rights and rituals and taking care of herself, so it probably stems from the years sat at her feet at a dressing table, longingly gazing up dreaming of adulthood (oh how you learn!).

My routines for beauty have been tweaked and altered like a second hand dress over the years, as I’ve learnt and as I’ve aged. My needs are different and I’ve become more knowledgeable. I feel settled and confident with my regime now, and my ability to pick products that’s suit my skin and hair types. 

I do think it’s important to not cut corners with products and I do like to splurge on the really good stuff, but sometimes that’s not possible, or I simply don’t want to spend a lot (you know those months you overdo it in the shoe shops). It’s those times when I look in magazines and on the shelves and see fancy scientific names, stunning packaging and endless promises… And then I see the price tag. £60 for a serum?! Gulp. No, thanks.

Earlier this month I decided to try something new and take a break from my usual No7 skincare (amazing stuff though, FYI). I wanted something lighter, something that felt… Summery. Whilst scanning the shelves I was drawn to the Boots Botanics section, it’s hard not to when you’re obsessed with florals and their packaging has it in abundance! Scouring the pretty packaging and I was absorbed further: partnered with Kew gardens and focusing on natural plant based support is a winner for me. I firmly believe in the power of nature, and that this should take priority over chemicals as much as possible. 

The cleanser, serum and mousteriser I chose are lightweight so your skin doesn’t feel clogged up in the heat, but they also have a lovely yet subtle, refreshing scent and my skin definitely feels soft. 

Proof you don’t need to spend a fortune!

I’m also using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures because I love anything honey related.

And, of course my trusty Aveeno products. I suffer from dry skin which can flare up into eczema or rashy bits, and this is the. Best. Stuff. Ever. I honestly recommend it over everything. I use the bath and shower oil, the after shower mist and the skin relief nourishing lotion. 

All these are bought from Boots


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