Country Mouse Eats: Tapas at Toro

Food food food, it’s the thing that joins us all together. And yet it’s so much more; it’s socialable, satisfying, and for a lot of us it’s how we measure our days. We love food. 

So here’s the first ‘Country Mouse Eats’ post to share some of my food related experiences with you all…
Last week the weather was lovely, I was due out for lunch and I had an unquashable craving for tapas. Something about the sunshine brings out my exotic side. It’s a very small side…

Toro Lounge is a tapas bar in Cirencester, the heart of the Cotswolds. It’s not somewhere I go often to eat, I usually prefer independently run places with menus that change every time I open them up. But Toro Lounge has consistency; you know what you are going to get, which can be appealing. 

It is also a sort of hub for those living around Cirencester. Perhaps it’s that consistency, the friendly atmosphere, relaxed decor and the general laid back feel, but it seems to be the place groups of friends often arrange to go to for a casual night where no one is really sure what they’re after. It helps that they don’t take booking unless you’re a large group so spontaneous rendezvous are welcome.

The decor is nicely quirky, with lots of colour, mismatched patterns, random pictures and an exotic yet English country feel. There’s plenty of seating over two floors and there’s even a rooftop terrace with brightly painted table and chairs where you can soak up the sun, or take one of the blankets on offer to wrap up in when the sun goes down and the cocktails come out. 

The tapas is great to order loads of and share around, or as a starter if you’re feeling ravenous. I often have a burger, bursting with extras, but this time opted for the buttermilk fried chicken which I know I enjoy. The menu is pretty varied, think: chorizo, halloumi, sweet potato fries, chilli, mac’n’cheese… Comfort food, food to share, just so. Much. Food.

I recommend this place for an evening of catching up with friends more than anything, but a date night, a lunch out or even just a coffee break are all welcomed so readily here! Don’t expect new things, but take comfort in consistency.


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