Don’t call me mellow yellow

When I was about 12 years old I had my room painted yellow, with little yellow flower details throughout and the most comfortable daisy print bed cover from Laura Ashley that I’ve ever spent the night under. When I was around 16/17 I snobbishly declared the room a travesty and had it decorated in a paint named after a very creamy coffee (that equalled sophistication right?!) Fast forward a few years. Ok, a decade. And I’ve found myself running back to yellow with my tail firmly between my legs. 

You may run away from it screaming about “subtlety” and “flattering tones” but it’s actually a very versatile colour. 

I started my love affair with wearing yellow by falling for the mustard shades in jumpers and scarves. Very autumnal and earthy. But as the spring came I found pastel tones, so pale they were almost nude or cream. Well, gone off cream perhaps. And then this summer I have decided to brave it, be bold and go all out in the brightest shades imaginable. I can’t help but smile and feel that bit more summery when I do…

When wearing something that bold you only need a hint of it: a pair of shoes, a scarf, a bag… Yellow is not the colour to overdo and the better the tan the brighter you can pull off.

Pastel shades are more manageable, a pair of jeans, for example, or a sundress.

Mustard is the easiest to pull off I find, and usually because I wear it during the colder months when layering is essential, and therefore the colour gets broken up and diluted by leather jackets or heavy duty black boots and jeans.

Here’s a pick of where to get your yellow goods to wear straight away or to take you into those cooler climes…


New Look


Items in picture: shirtshoesbandana, nail varnishes from Boots 


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